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Renting is an inexpensive way for you to try a musical instrument. Great Southern Music offers all major brands of high-quality brass, woodwinds and string instruments such as: Armstrong, Buffet, Conn, Eastman Strings, Glaesel, Jupiter, King, Ludwig, Lewis, Scherl & Roth, Bach, Getzen, Gemeinhardt, Holton, Leblanc, Pearl, Selmer, Yamaha, and more!

100% of the payments apply directly toward the purchase of your instrument. You may return the instrument at any time, with no penalty, and there is no obligation to buy.

For over 15 years, Tom and Robin have worked with Music and Arts for musical instruments and it is a company that they trust. If you are unsure of which instrument to play, why not come in and try a few different ones? Great Southern Music always has a good inventory of high-quality new and used instruments on hand.

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You are welcome to drop by our store anytime to rent an instrument or try out an instrument to help make your decision easier. You can also begin the instrument rental process online at the Music & Arts site by clicking this link.

If you place an order online, you can choose to have the instrument shipped to your home OR you can save shipping costs by picking it up in person at Great Southern Music.

If you do decide to pick up your instrument in person, one of our knowledgeable staff members will take time to show you how to put your instrument together, take it apart, as well as go over important methods of cleaning and care.


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