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Great Southern Music: More About Us

Great Southern Music is the music store that Tom Llinas has wanted to open in Gainesville for well over 30 years.

This great adventure began when Tom and Robin were married on November 30, 1991, right across the street from Ben Griffin Stadium. Some of you will remember that day as the the famous Gator/Seminole face off. At that time, Tom owned Classical Brass & Guitars in Orlando while Robin managed a restaurant called Splash.

Being crazy newlyweds, they decided to take off across the country and landed out in Bailey, Colorado where they shared an acre of mountain land with some elk, deer, and even a few bears. This is the place where their beautiful daughter, Nicole, was born.

In 1995, Tom loaded up the family and moved "back East" to Atlanta, where he ran the regional repair shop for Music and Arts. A few short years later, their son, Thomas John (aka TJ), was born in 1999. While in Atlanta, the Llinas family lived in the suburbs of the 'big city' in a 'house on the corner' and Robin taught at the school where the kids attended.

In 2006, homesick for "Title Town," the Llinas family set out for one more move. Here they are proud to call Gainesville "home" and happy to be close to family and have many new friends.

We would love for you to come by and meet our family and see our new store. It’s a place where we hope you will stay and play awhile!


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